will release soon new discount voucher codes for the summer season

Our contact in has told us they will soon release new discount code vouchers for car hire in Malaga during the summer season. Those waiting for the best deals should pay attention during this month of May.

How to get the new car rental discounts?

Just follow in Facebook, Google+ , Twitter or subscribe to their newsletters and you are done.

What about car rental availability? has a fleet of more than 2000 vehicles and about discount voucher codes, it depends…sometimes are until end of existences and sometimes they release a voucher for the whole year.

What is the fuel policy for car hire in Malaga?

While other companies bill for a full tank of fuel, offers half tank of fuel, enough for most of us.

Do I need my credit card for booking online?

No, under no circumstance will ask you for your credit card details online.

What about cancellation fees?

If you don’t have to pay in advance, that means…there are no cancellation fees! What if your holiday start a few days later, a new volcano erupts, or lollipops start falling from sky and planes can’t fly? it is good to know you will not have to pay any penalty.

Do I really need to hire a car in Malaga?

Well…you are not obligated!, but it is a good idea because in Malaga most popular destinations are not close to each other. Let’s say you are in Marbella, and want to visit Ronda (a must), or just visiting Malaga centre…distance is a bit large if not using a car.

Where can I subscribe to the car rental newsletters or check prices?

Updates (9-July-2012):

Malagacar just released a Press Release the last week:


Malagacar release new discount vouchers for car hire Malaga airport during Easter

Wikipedia has announced new discount voucher codes for car hire at Malaga airport during Easter. If you were thinking in visiting the Costa del Sol during Easter then I recommend to check the offers discount codes from Malagacar + or Malagacar Facebook. is the leading company for car hire Malaga, if you have never used them you will not regret.

Found in the press release:

Malaga car hire discount voucher codes

November discounts for hotels and car hire in Malaga

Málaga and its port as seen from Gibralfaro mo...

Malaga, a place to visit during the whole year

Those thinking in coming to Malaga during the month of November may find interesting the latest discount voucher code from How getting it?, very easy…visit their website and become a fan on facebook or twitter to get access to their latest online discount voucher codes.

Discount on Group C, Group C1 and Group E3 (rental periods from 5 and 22 days) for arrivals before December 21, 2011. Depends on availability so I recommend to hurry up making your booking.

About 1800 vehicles available and an average temperature of 23ºC make of Malaga and the perfect choice for a winter weekend getaway to Malaga. Remember, winter means low season and low prices. If you have never visited Malaga before, it is a good opportunity to try, and if you have…now is the cheapest season to come!

Online discount voucher codes and low prices for:

Golf packages in Malaga are now cheaper and with car hire deals


We have news for those who plan coming to the Costa del Sol for practicing their favourite sport, golf. a very known car hire company at Malaga airport, will offer (if not yet) golf packages in Malaga, including access to golf courses, accommodation and car hire in Malaga for all your holiday.

Malaga and the Costa del Sol is also known as Costa del Golf, wonder why?. There are many golf courses in Malaga, some of them have very beautiful views and have been designed by top golfers known worldwide.

If you have never practiced golf, this golf package deal is a excellent opportunity for trying it and of course to enjoy the Costa del Sol , a charming area at the southern of Spain.

Booking online your golf package in Malaga

If you decided to check for prices and availability, check the website, become a follower in Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to their newsletter. That is the best way to get access to their latest vacation deals in Malaga.

Those not interested in golf, can still get access to great offers and discount voucher codes by following the same steps described above.

Discount voucher codes for car hire at Malaga airport

Malaga car hireWondering about the best prices for car hire at Malaga airport? We have great news for you, the leading car rental company at Malaga airport is extending their discount voucher codes until the end of October.

Those who are planning a visit to the Costa del Sol can follow their Facebook or Twitter for getting the best discounts and reserve online a cheap car hire in Malaga without having to use your credit card.

For those who don´t know about, is the leading company for car hire and car sales in Malaga with many years of experience.

Malaga is a great place to visit during your holiday but distances are not short. Check prices for Malaga car hire and make your reservation ahead of time.

Discount voucher Updates for 2012 has announced new discount vouchers for 2012 until the end of existences, so hurry up! How can you get the discount voucher code for Malaga airport car hire? Just follow facebook and get the latest news and discounts available.

Saving during our vacations with our cheap car hire at Malaga airport

Let´s review something popular, cheap prices for our transportation during our vacations, and let´s provide some tips and recommendations for those who are coming to Malaga and still have not make their online bookings.

I run many forums online, some of them about travel…and found that a few people complaint about their experience when hiring a car, not just in Malaga but in Spain. I would like to analyze this situation to find out what the problem may be and offer a possible solution for thoose who search for cheap prices on car hire Malaga.

There is a big error when planning our holidays, many people use to do this at the last minute….and not only this, they also want to get the cheapest prices on car hire at Malaga airport or any other destination, as well of course as the cheapest hotel offer. I understand it is normal to search for cheap prices, but not at the last minute. While we may be able to find interesting car rental offers, the quality may not be the best. Let´s be serious, last minute deals use to hidde something when the price shown online is that low, or not?

I understand the situation above, I was one of those persons who plan their holidays at the last minute…but my experience never was that bad so I want to share it:

If you are looking to save and for cheap car hire…first of all, make your bookings well ahead of time.

If you still make your booking for the last minute, try This website will bring you the best online deals for cheap car hire Malaga airport.

Forget about brokers when hiring a car at Malaga airport…maybe in other destinations brokers work fine, but in Malaga is always better the use of a trusted car rental firms like Make a try if you are looking for car hire in Malaga, really…and then, come back to this blog and let me know your experience.

Car hire Reviews: Avis Malaga airport

AVIS Cool Car is a Cargo Van

If you are visiting Malaga and considering hiring a car with Avis,  read below some of the opinions of users who have used Avis when hiring a car, either in Malaga and elsewhere. I have translated into English the reviews of the famous portal CIAO, and whenever possible I always try to include both positive and negative opinions about Avis or other review is made on the blog, but only if I consider that the reviews are legitimate.

Avis Mini Review

I hired a car in Mallorca (Cala Millor) and from the beginning it was all misunderstandings of price (108 euros to 150 that they charged me) of fuel tank (they said that if I return the vehicle with more than half tank fuel they would not charge me. but they did, and charged 50 euros more) , they did it 5 days after car return, I was already in my city, and could only phone them complaining, but they just did not care.

Avis Mini Review

I hired a car for four days at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, an international airport, the first surprise is that nobody talks spanish,  someone told me that he spoke French and just some English, incredible. I have been charged 100 euros more than signed in contract,  after my complaint they told me to send me by email the bill but they havent. Avis is expensive and one of the worst companies I have ever used.

Extra charges for car hire in Malaga? Another Avis review

Be carefull, they bill your credit card after a few days you return your vehicle. They made me charges 2 months after I hired a vehicle with them. I usually rent cars, and this never happened to me before. I’ve gone from an offer of 130 € to 220 €.

About Avis

In resume I have found very negative reviews of Avis while searching…the only positive one, was very strange as it was all appraisals, and I need at least a few positive reviews to believe it, even more when the rest of customers are complaining.

Avis Malaga is located at the Malaga airport arrivals where you must pickup and return the vehicle.

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