Car hire Reviews: Avis Malaga airport

AVIS Cool Car is a Cargo Van

If you are visiting Malaga and considering hiring a car with Avis,  read below some of the opinions of users who have used Avis when hiring a car, either in Malaga and elsewhere. I have translated into English the reviews of the famous portal CIAO, and whenever possible I always try to include both positive and negative opinions about Avis or other review is made on the blog, but only if I consider that the reviews are legitimate.

Avis Mini Review

I hired a car in Mallorca (Cala Millor) and from the beginning it was all misunderstandings of price (108 euros to 150 that they charged me) of fuel tank (they said that if I return the vehicle with more than half tank fuel they would not charge me. but they did, and charged 50 euros more) , they did it 5 days after car return, I was already in my city, and could only phone them complaining, but they just did not care.

Avis Mini Review

I hired a car for four days at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, an international airport, the first surprise is that nobody talks spanish,  someone told me that he spoke French and just some English, incredible. I have been charged 100 euros more than signed in contract,  after my complaint they told me to send me by email the bill but they havent. Avis is expensive and one of the worst companies I have ever used.

Extra charges for car hire in Malaga? Another Avis review

Be carefull, they bill your credit card after a few days you return your vehicle. They made me charges 2 months after I hired a vehicle with them. I usually rent cars, and this never happened to me before. I’ve gone from an offer of 130 € to 220 €.

About Avis

In resume I have found very negative reviews of Avis while searching…the only positive one, was very strange as it was all appraisals, and I need at least a few positive reviews to believe it, even more when the rest of customers are complaining.

Avis Malaga is located at the Malaga airport arrivals where you must pickup and return the vehicle.

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2 thoughts on “Car hire Reviews: Avis Malaga airport

  1. Hello Peter, those are reviews I got from customers online, and no…the 50€ are due the fuel tank without insurance.

    If anyone reading have more reviews from Avis feel free to post.

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