Winter and cold arrives to Malaga with the siberian cold front


Temperature (Photo credit: lengda)

This week Malaga is experiencing the siberian cold front, reaching temperatures of 3º and 4º at Malaga airport…but don’t be afraid!, those temperatures are at 7 am, being higher after a few hours.

The cold front will still during the the next week with temperatures ranging from 1º to 13º aproximately.

If you are coming to Malaga during this weekend or the next week, do not forget to bring some warm clothes! However this cold front will not still longer than a few days and it is not a common situation in the Costa del Sol, where mountains protect the province creating a microclimate unique in Andalucia.


Malaga will record this weekend high temperatures

bird shower

A good idea during “Terral” and high temperatures

This weekend we again expect high temperatures along with the dreaded weather phenomenon typical in Malaga called “Terral”, a very dry and warm wind from the interior.

When these winds come to the Costa del Sol disappears in the blink of an eye any sensation of cool sea breezes, so pleasant and so sought after by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.

The Costa del Sol is precisely so cherished because of its mild climate, both in winter and summer, when in spite of the latitude, it is quite cooler than the interior of the peninsula, where 35 to 40 degrees Celsius (95 to 104º F) are no exception in summer.

During a normal summer we can expect one or two heat waves, which are several days of temperatures well above average and which can reach temperatures touching 40 degrees.

However, another phenomenon is the Terral which translates literally as “strong land wind” which has heated up after its passage over hundreds of kilometres of heated soil of the interior. These winds are usually of short duration (though stifling, especially if you’re used to the fresh sea air!). So after a couple of days of sudden high temperatures, the thermometer suddenly drops down to more bearable temperatures.

So this weekend, take everything calmly, plus plenty of fluids, preferably plenty of water; seek shade, avoid the sun at noon, bring a hat and apply sunscreen regularly, which applies to adults and more children.

Weather forecast in Malaga for the next weekend

View from Balcón de Europa.

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Dear readers, what predicts the weather forecast for Malaga this weekend for those who consider coming to the Costa del Sol beaches to take a dip?

Those of us who are already located “in situ”, hoping to get quickly through the few hours that separate us from the weekend, are certainly amused by the weather lately in Malaga: Sun during the week and clouded on the weekends, just perfect!

However, the forecasts turn out to be always relative, like last weekend, during which the author of this article enjoyed two fantastic days in first beach line with a gentle easterly breeze that alleviated a powerfully shining sun.

But even if the weekend really dawns as cloudy as predicted, we expect fantastic temperatures around 26ºC (78.8ºF). That is, even if there are clouds, it is the perfect temperature for a day at the beach or a barbecue.

For those who prefer to be a little bit more active during this weekend, in Mijas Pueblo takes place the International Festival, an multicolored and multicultural event with ethnic and folk performances, as well as typical tastings and crafts of each country in the most emblematic places of the famous white village, only a few kilometres inland from Fuengirola.

Malaga weather forecast for this weekend

Marestail shows moisture at high altitude, sig...

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Weather forecasts… are, like everything else, quite relative…
Of course looking at the weather forecast can be quite useful when planning a weekend getaway, no doubt. But it also seems that sometimes the forecasts do not match or vary significantly depending on the site consulted, as is now the case for Malaga weather for this weekend.

Funny enough the same thing happened last week: While we all wanted to spend a sunny weekend lying on the sand, the forecast was of rain and bad weather, much to our regret.

Great was then the surprise when dawned a splendid and sunny weekend and we could glimpse many spontaneous bathers enjoying the sea and sun on beaches still pretty empty at this time of year.

So what awaits us this weekend? I have in front of me pages with two different weather forecasts:

One forecasts for tomorrow Saturday a cloudy day with temperatures around 22ºC (71.6ºF) and a sunny day on Sunday, with temperatures of 23ºC (73.4ºF).

Looking at my other source of information, I find for Saturday a sunny outlook and a maximum of 26ºC (78.8ºF) and for Sunday a little bit cloudy day, with about 24º C (75.2ºF).

From this we can deduce the following: One day of the two I’m going to the beach for sure! Which one, this we will have to decide a bit on the spot.

Weather forecast for this weekend in Malaga

Rain, Rainy weather

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The weather forecast for this weekend in Malaga says that tomorrow it will rain, so if you were thinking about getting to the beach or enjoying the characteristic good weather of the Costa del Sol, you may have to make some changes to your plans.

My personal recommendation for this weekend is to enjoy film in English (available at Plaza Mayor) or to drink a cup of tea in one of the many coffee shops on the promenade during the afternoon (I love watching rain while drinking tea in a covered terrace).

Malaga does not only mean “Beaches”, but many other things. If you can drive, get to discover the different white villages in the province or drive to Granada to enjoy the famous “Tapas” from the city.

Rain does not mean to stay at home, which you can do if you like, but to enjoy a different side of Malaga and the Costa del Sol,  which not many tourists who come during the summer use to know.

Things to do on a rainy day in Malaga

Rainy day

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For this weekend, we unfortunately have a bad weather forecast for Malaga. What to do on a rainy weekend in Malaga?

In Benalmadena not far from the sea shore there is a permanent 900 square metres indoor ice rink, where you can spend a merry afternoon. You can rent the skates on site for about 4 Euros and there is also next to the ice rink a cafeteria. However, gloves and long pants are mandatory. The ice rink is located in the Benalmadena sports facility which also features a swimming pool, fitness room and gymnasium.

Another option is getting to Plaza Mayor (Commercial area next to Malaga airport) and watch a film (in english or spanish)…this is my favourite choice!

I personally like watching the sea while raining, and if driving along the coastal roads even better…if you dont like being in a car, there are many bars and coffee shops where being when raining on the promenade and Puerto Marina with great views of the beach.

Do you have more suggestions?