Car hire from Malaga airport, what should we know?


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Tourists visiting Malaga and the Costa del Sol usually plan well in advance their visit, even more if it’s not their first time coming to Malaga. The main reason for this is that Malaga is a very popular destination, and if our holiday on the Costa del Sol includes accommodation, car hire in Malaga or any other tourist service, it is very recommended to book online those services in advance.

Why hiring a car in Malaga?

Well…this question is very easy to answer. If you are coming to the Costa del Sol, just for sunbathing, beach and resting in your hotel room, then maybe you don’t need to hire a car, or maybe you will be fine with a transfer or a cheap car hire from Malaga airport. Is this your case?

On the other side, if you are looking to explore the different towns in Malaga, to enjoy the natural beaches from other areas of the province or to visit some of the many events present in Malaga, then…hiring a car is more than recommended.

What kind of car should I hire?

This depends directly on many other things: Are you coming with a friend or with the family? Hiring a minivan would be a nice option for those who need the extra space, a luxury car or spacious car will provide the required comfort for driving longer distances.

If you just want to enjoy the surroundings, closer towns, or you just don’t want to spend much on the vehicle, there are many cheap car rentals available which will cost less than using a taxi

What company should I choose for car hire in Malaga?

There are many online websites offering cheap car hire at Malaga airport, however most of them are online brokers. What does it mean to you? Well…they claim to be the best, but they are not even directly related to a rent a car company, so they are just selling something they don’t even know if it´s good enough for their visitors, and not only this…it is very usual those websites let you hire your vehicle from a worldwide provider such Avis, Goldcar, Europcar…which will bill you a full fuel tank on pickup…so the price even increase…but we can’t expect much more, as it is a resold service, you are not using a first tier car hire supplier.

My tip is to hire always from the best local company at or next to the main airport in the city, and this applies to any destination we choose.  Below you will find some websites I recommend you to check:  will pick you up at Malaga airport arrivals, and return you departures when leaving. The trust and competitive prices this company have generated over the years is well worth and it is the supplier of many other online websites and travel agents. If you need to hire a car for the first time or you need to try another because you were not satisfied with your first experience, just give it a try and get back to this blog to tell me your experiences, you will not regret.


4 thoughts on “Car hire from Malaga airport, what should we know?

  1. Malaga is an attractive spot for tourists. It have all the facilities visitors & this thing increases its popularity. Car Hire facilities are very good & reasonable providing every basic thing. Thanks for sharing this info. This is of great help for tourists.

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