Car hire Reviews: Goldcar Malaga airport

Goldcar is a rental company present in the most popular destinations in Spain, including Malaga.

I have just copied and translated a few customer Goldcar reviews below from the website CIAO. I also tried to post complaints and appraisals.

Goldcar reviews

  1. I rented one of their cars 2 months ago in Granada, a Seat Leon…but they told me there was no availability for that model, so  a Polo was offered…if I wanted something better I would have to pay an extra. I said ok, as I needed the vehicle and I paid in advance.
  2. The person who assisted asked me 80 Euro for a mandatory full fuel tank, and told me that if I returned the car before 3 days they would reimburse the not used fuel. I have to say that is a very expensive fuel cost and she was reading that my reservation was for a whole week.
  3. After the week, I returned the car with half tank fuel without money back, and they asked me another 20 Euro for the cleaning service…what cleaning service? never read anything about it.
  4. GPS cost 80 Euro, and they will pay you back 30 Euro on GPS return…expensive.
  5. Insurances are expensive from Goldcar.
  6. I can´t recommend this company for car hire in Malaga.

Goldcar review

I can say that Goldcar is a low cost car hire company in Malaga I would rent again with. I have read a few complaints and Goldcar reviews, but I never had a problem, so…

Cheap prices for car hire in Malaga, I recommend it.

Goldcar review

I’ve rented twice and would repeat with Goldcar to save time and money. They also have unlimited mileage, insurance and free road assistance. In all multinationals they charge you for that. Also the first time I rented with them I did because they were the only ones who allowed me to pay using debit card while other multinationals require a credit card.

Goldcar review 

On January 15, I hired a car from Malaga airport to return to the airport of San Javier. My first surprise on signing the contract is that the 90 Eur rental car (a ford focus automatic 100hp) did not include 77 Euro of fuel which I had to pay apart.

Before arriving to San Javier airport, the car showed an “autonomy” of 90 km, so I decide to refuel and fill it, costing 44 EUR to fill the deposit.

On car return, I asked for the fuel money back, and told the person who assisted me that I paid 77 Euro for a full fuel tank, and I wanted that cash back as I filled the tank on my way back.

My surprise is that they reimbursed me 67 Euro instead 77 Euro, so they still kept 10 Euro approximately without any valid reason. They should check the fuel tank on vehicle return….I don´t know what they did with the vehicle before checking the fuel.

Additionally the vehicle was not new, with more than 50.000Km, some scratches and it was a premium vehicle. I can´t recommend Goldcar.

Goldcar MalagaAbout Goldcar Malaga

In resume, some people complaint while other people did not have any problem. I just got a few of them from CIAO website translated to English.

Goldcar Malaga can be found in the arrival hall at Malaga airport. Check the link for further information about Goldcar and how to find it.

Recommended resources is the leading car hire company at Malaga airport.  Online booking without credit card, just a flight number is needed. is a clean and easy to use website for car hire at Malaga airport you can trust.

6 thoughts on “Car hire Reviews: Goldcar Malaga airport

  1. Can I ajust the cost of the obligitory fuel cost at Gold car… It is now 104 eurors

    I have just come back from a 4 day break from Portugal after booking a car with Goldcar.. they offered a good price for the car hire..but then charge you 104 euros for a tank of fuel… on the T+C’s they offer anything from 40 – 160 Euros , I said I will have the car with the 40 Euro charge and they said “There isnt one” I told them to shove their car and booked one with Hertz. they gave me a car with a full tank of fuel and I filled up back to fullon my return.. spending 29 Euros…
    They are disgraceful.. and a total RIP OFF DO NOT USE THEM

  2. ted cox
    read the blogs, goldcar do not give free breakdown cover they charge unless
    you have there expensive insurance. still awaiting reply to my e mail seven days ago it
    would seem they even .do not acknowledge your e mail..there fuel charges are a rip off as they imply full tank at local pump price but charge you for filling it up,saying it s an airpory


    Theese ppl are criminals!!!

    Here is my complain about GOLD CAR :/

    “Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing to complain about the extra charge of 228 Euros which you have taken from my account. I do not understand what was I charged for exactly and why was I not informed about it in any way. After discovering this transaction on my account I contacted the Gold Car Office in Tenerife Sur Airport immediately, however the person who introduced herself as Mrs. Fabiola Mourinio the Office Supervisor, and whom I have spoken to on Sunday afternoon on the 1st of August ’10 was not able to help me on this case, therefore I am writing to you now.

    As far as I am concerned according to the information given by Mrs. Fabiola, the charge was for the breakdown lorry service which was required on our last rental day i.e. 24th of July 2010. However, on that day we did not ask for the breakdown lorry service. On that day our car got broken for the second time during our stay on Canary Islands. In both cases we were unable to start it and were told by the engineer who arrived to check it, that the car was faulty and has to be taken on the lorry. On the 24th of July we were on our way to the Tenerife Sur Airport. We left the hotel, entered the car and discovered that it would not start again. At that point I decided to call the Airport Office to explain what happened and to ask for advice on what to do next. After that, we received the phone call from the lady who asked us for our location saying that somebody will come to check the car. So we waited. Shortly after, the breakdown lorry arrived, which apparently we did not ask for, and the car was checked by the engineer again. He entered our car and tried to restart it with no success. After that he decided to take the car on the lorry. As the communication with the driver was difficult due to the language barrier, I decided to contact the office again. At the same time I received the call from the customer service department, who tried to arrange the alternative transport for us to the Tenerife Sur Airport and assured that since the car was fully insured we do not need to worry about it. He asked us what time we need to get to the airport and advise us, that the taxi is on the way to pick us up to the Tenerife Sur Airport. So we waited again. Few minutes later, we received another phone call, from Tenerife Sur Airport Gold Car Office and we were told that there is a problem with the taxi service, and we were told to take the nearest available taxi which take us to the airport. We were also told to take the receipt from the driver and bring it to the Gold Car Office in Tenerife Sur Airport, to claim the money back. I told the gentleman that we did not have any money for the taxi because we have run out of it during our holiday, and the man replied that it is ok, all we have to do is to take the receipt from the driver and bring it to the office and they will pay for a taxi. As we were running out of time, we headed straight away to the nearest available taxi service. You can imagine how extremely stressful the whole situation was. When we finally got on the taxi, I decided to call the Gold Car Office in Tenerife Sur Airport to confirm that we were coming. The gentleman on the phone told me he will be waiting for us, and again confirmed that with the receipt from the driver we can get the money for a taxi. After we arrived to the airport I headed straight away to the Gold Car office. I was being served by the gentlemen there, who was familiar with the situation, when suddenly we were interfered by mrs. Fabiola, who started to instruct her colleague in a very unprofessional way in front of all the customers. I myself was accused of trying to take advantage of the company and was refused to leave the office until she familiarized herself with the situation. As we were traveling with a child and had flights to catch back home the whole situation put us in lots of stress. I have been your customer several times before and had never experienced such a treatment from any of your employees. I myself work within the area which involves customer service and such a behavior towards the clients is simply unacceptable. As a regular and loyal customer I believe this was an exception, however I still hope you will investigate on this.

    I would also like to know why was I charged for the breakdown lorry service, since the car we were given obviously turned out to be faulty, as confirmed by the engineers who checked the car in our presence. Apart from that , the car was fully insured, which (according to the terms and conditions of the contract as well as the information given to me by your customer service employee on the day our car got broken) should cover such expenses. I also would like to point out that as your regular customer each time I use your services I do acquit myself of my responsibilities as a renter. I would like to continue the business with you in the future, therefore I am asking you for a full refund of this unfounded charge of 228 Euros.

    Regards, ”

    And this is what they write back…!!???? They do not even bother to check the client’s name :<

    Dear client,

    Thank you for your observations about your car hire experience with us.

    Your opinion is important to us and is the key to our commitment to fulfil our customer’s expectations.

    According to the information provided from our local office in Tenerife when the tow truck driver arrived to your car this was immediately started. The car could be driven without any problem but you rejected this option. When the car arrived to Goldcar base in Tenerife the car had no breakdown at all and was rented again to a new client. Goldcar base in Tenerife advised the tow truck service was not necessary therefore the service was charged. We deeply lament it but no refund can be applied.

    Best regards,

    Well armando, you SHOULD go back to school and learn about customer service and how to manage commercial correspondence, SHAME ON YOU!!!

  4. I will never again use Goldcar & would not encourage anybody to use them. They charge for a full tank of fuel & ask you to return it empty. Why not supply a full tank & insist on a full tank on return of the car ? This would be fairer to the customer. Also I have found they insist on additional insurance despite already having this extra insurance already booked online with somebody else. Not recommended & definitely not after reading previous reviews.

  5. Landed in malaga at two in one in the morning and was obviously just keen to get the car and go. We went to the office find a que so far you couldnt see the end and two and half hours later I was served I was on my own with three children who were all stressed and tierd. I was then told even though I had paid for insurance I had to pay £ 50 for further insurance or give them a £300 deposit oh yes and then £90 for a full tank of petrol which you have no choice in. The car i had hired was a mercedes but the car waited for me was a ford focus but as it was such a walk back and the saidd que i just got in it and was just happy to leave. On return i left a bag in the car which they are saying isnt there,my fault for leaving it but still not pleasent. It ended up costing me £295 for a weeks car hire. If they told you all the extra charges up front I would of gone else where. Would never use again and would never reccomend.

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