The barbecues on the beach are a fantastic leisure alternative against the crisis in Spain

The barbecues on the beach in the evenings have become a great leisure alternative against this crisis, as many families prefer to have their dinner with friends on the beach and celebrate this traditional open-air social activity, which is considerably cheaper than going for tapas.

Beach barbacue

A cool box, a barbecue or grill, some charcoal, meat, fish, a variety of cold meats, beer and soft drinks are the indispensable elements to spend a night around a flaming heap of embers under a grill; all of this accompanied by the mild temperatures of the summer, make this a tradition that is followed year after year, particularly on the Spanish coasts and that is growing with the crisis.

On the Costa del Sol, many town halls have reserved certain coastal areas to specifically carry out these so-called ‘moragas’ (beach barbecues) but not without previously requesting permission, like on the Castle Beach in Fuengirola (Malaga), where hundreds of people gather along a seven-kilometre beach every week to enjoy the summer nights.

But it’s not only a tradition for the locals. Many of the tourists from all over Spain that spend their summers on the Costa del Sol also adopt this social activity year after year.

The state of the beaches in Malaga is optimum

The Junta de Andalucía (the Andalusian government) approved the eighty-two beaches in Malaga. This is reflected in the brief elaborated about the state of the coast during this year’s second fortnight of the month of July. All the beaches comply with the level of quality established and are therefore apt for enjoyment in more than optimum conditions (of all them, the quality of services of the beaches on the Costa del Sol is renown).

There are only two incidents worth mentioning in the province of Malaga in this respect. The first one is on the Los Boliches-Gaviotas beach in Fuengirola, in which one one of the samples slightly went over the microbiological parameters. However, later samples positively rectified these values and are now marked as normal, consequently re-establishing the quality of this beach. The other incident was a higher water level in the Viñuela reservoir in Malaga, which made it impossible to take a sample, and also causing the bathing/swimming area to disappear.


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