Paranormal route tour in Malaga along the Costa del Sol

The Hunted Hostel

Image by @ LaRsNoW @ via Flickr

Ghosts, haunted houses, strange noises or somewhat peculiar religious events are part of popular culture of Malaga and therefore the Tourist Board of the Costa del Sol offers since six months a different proposal to conventional tourism, which allows all visitors to experience and travel throughout the province along what you might call a “paranormal route in Malaga.”

Thus, since the Board last summer began publishing these stories through their social network page on Facebook, many visitors attracted by the mystery have wanted to join them and witness the events they describe.

For this promotion the Malaga tourist board additionally counts on the collaboration of a travel agency and a journalist specializing in paranormal topics, José Manuel Frías, who, after more than 15 years investigating claims that the mystery belongs to the local culture and offers thus more than 1,800 stories that provide insight into the more than 100 villages in the province from a different viewpoint.


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