Top things you can do a rainy day in Malaga

rain_cloudThis morning we woke up with a rainy day in Malaga, if you have to work it will be fine but if you had plans like walking around or you just came for a short holiday then don’t let this rainy day to mess your day, there are many things you can still do even if it rains, the ideas below can apply to other municipalities.

Some of the proposals below like visiting city centre may require a vehicle if you live in places such Marbella or Puerto Banus, if planning your rainy day from Benalmadena, Fuengirola or closer you can take the commuter train which is a fast transportation mean.

Going to drink a tea

This is one of my favourite during rainy days, there are many places in Malaga where you can drink a tea, a coffee or an ice-cream milkshake (im a vanilla milkshake fan). During a rainy day meeting a friend for going to drink a tea is a fantastic idea.

Going to mall or cinema

If you need to do some shopping or just feel like visiting the shopping area in a mall a rainy day is the perfect moment to do, it will be dry inside and you can even watch a film if you like.

Doing some tourism on city centre

You can take an umbrella and going for a stroll in Malaga city centre, visiting Gibralfaro Castle or the Cathedral sounds like a good plan if not raining much, you can join to this proposal the first one and make a round day.

raining-in-houseStay at home

Last one, a good option if raining really hard is to stay at home where you can watch a film or order some food from your favourite restaurant. There are many days ahead and it will not rain much longer in Malaga. Just let’s hope it doesn’t rain inside home, it can happen…see the image.

Just checked an older post about what to do a rainy day, do you have any other suggestion to add?


Things to do on a rainy day in Malaga

Rainy day

Image by pshutterbug via Flickr

For this weekend, we unfortunately have a bad weather forecast for Malaga. What to do on a rainy weekend in Malaga?

In Benalmadena not far from the sea shore there is a permanent 900 square metres indoor ice rink, where you can spend a merry afternoon. You can rent the skates on site for about 4 Euros and there is also next to the ice rink a cafeteria. However, gloves and long pants are mandatory. The ice rink is located in the Benalmadena sports facility which also features a swimming pool, fitness room and gymnasium.

Another option is getting to Plaza Mayor (Commercial area next to Malaga airport) and watch a film (in english or spanish)…this is my favourite choice!

I personally like watching the sea while raining, and if driving along the coastal roads even better…if you dont like being in a car, there are many bars and coffee shops where being when raining on the promenade and Puerto Marina with great views of the beach.

Do you have more suggestions?