Malaga will record this weekend high temperatures

bird shower

A good idea during “Terral” and high temperatures

This weekend we again expect high temperatures along with the dreaded weather phenomenon typical in Malaga called “Terral”, a very dry and warm wind from the interior.

When these winds come to the Costa del Sol disappears in the blink of an eye any sensation of cool sea breezes, so pleasant and so sought after by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.

The Costa del Sol is precisely so cherished because of its mild climate, both in winter and summer, when in spite of the latitude, it is quite cooler than the interior of the peninsula, where 35 to 40 degrees Celsius (95 to 104º F) are no exception in summer.

During a normal summer we can expect one or two heat waves, which are several days of temperatures well above average and which can reach temperatures touching 40 degrees.

However, another phenomenon is the Terral which translates literally as “strong land wind” which has heated up after its passage over hundreds of kilometres of heated soil of the interior. These winds are usually of short duration (though stifling, especially if you’re used to the fresh sea air!). So after a couple of days of sudden high temperatures, the thermometer suddenly drops down to more bearable temperatures.

So this weekend, take everything calmly, plus plenty of fluids, preferably plenty of water; seek shade, avoid the sun at noon, bring a hat and apply sunscreen regularly, which applies to adults and more children.


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