White villages of Malaga: Gaucin

Map of Costa del Sol - cities, towns, resorts,...

Map of Costa del Sol – cities, towns, resorts, villages. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now the first thing that comes to mind is “What is a White Village?

The point is if you are looking for a destination of purely Spanish origin, then one of these destinations can be found in some of the many rural areas of the Costa del Sol: White villages literally means ‘white villages’. These villages are characterized by a wall made of lime and red or brown tile roofs.

Each year after the rains, the houses are meticulously whitewashed; the white contrasts beautifully with its complement of brightly colored flowers, the blue sky and the earthy tones of the surrounding mountains.

In general, many cultures have left their mark on the region, although the most influential of all was the Moorish culture. The streets are narrow and winding in Moorish style.

A lot of towns were founded by the Berber tribes that settled in the area during the eight centuries of Muslim presence. These came as hill farmers and settled in Andalucia. These sites were selected because they had the height advantage, thus if they were under the threat of attack then this place would be easy to defend.

Gaucin is a mountain village in the heart of Andalucia, situated close to the Costa del Sol. Rising 626 metres above sea level, the village offers spectacular views of Gibraltar and the Rif mountains of northern Africa.

Due to its strategic position, it was an important Roman settlement and its magnificent castle, Castillo del Aguila, is from this epoch although later it was expanded by the Arabs into a fortress.

Gaucin has always had an important international art community. In recent years the town has become popular with northern Europeans, several of whom have bought holiday homes here, attracted by the fact that Gaucin is the perfect place to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and natural beauty of the rural areas of Andalucia, in addition to being only a 30 minutes drive away from the bustling beaches of the Costa del Sol.


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