Malaga and the Costa del Sol, a popular tourist destination in Spain

El valle del Guadalhorce desde la Sierra de la...

Image by montuno via Flickr

Coming to Malaga means not only beach and sun, but being ready to experience a immersion in its culture and if you like, the possibility to practice sports like golf, trekking, hiking among many others.

This Malaga guide, provides useful information for those seeking information about the villages and towns in Malaga. If you like discovering the place you choose for holidays, then in Malaga as I already said, there are many places to visit.

Antequera, Valle del Guadalhorce, Axarquia and the Costa del Sol are just some of the areas you are able to visit and where you will find plenty of villages to visit.

As personal note, most of the people from Europe I know can´t come just for one time to Malaga…they have been friends since I was just 12 years old, and their parents started to come even before I meet them for the first time. Malaga is a place that if you visit once, you will want to visit every year.

People from UK, Iceland, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium…I have friends from all those countries since I was a child, and they continue coming as their parents even did buy a home in Malaga. Not only this, my neighbours are from Madrid, and I also have friends from many other provinces in Spain like Cordoba, Seville, Barcelona, Basque Country, Galicia. Malaga is not only an interesting destination for tourists from outside Spain, but also for Spanish people.


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