Malaga, city of Museums on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Birth-house of Pablo Picasso at Plaza de la Me...

Picasso birth house

Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol situated on the shores of the mediterranean, is now a major economic centre for the country due to its port, international airport and high-speed rail station. It is also a cultural centre thanks to its great historical legacy.

Malaga in the beginning was founded by the Phoenicians and later belonged to the Roman Empire; it became the first industrial city in the country during the nineteenth century and between the 70’s and 80´s the city was leading the tourism boom.

The city now hosts more than 20 museums, mostly located in the historic centre. And because of its variety, there are many options to suit the tastes of all tourists. So when you are in Malaga take advantage of a car hire to visit the many museums and watch from religious art to modern art. For example, among the most important cultural sites of the city is the Picasso Museum which hosts over 200 artworks made by the great painter throughout his life.

Malaga has the advantage of combining culture and museums with seaside promenades, historic downtown to enjoy a coffee on a terrace or go shopping in the pedestrian streets and dive into the nightlife, and this throughout the year thanks to its mild climate. Therefore, this charming town is ideal not only for a longer holiday but also for a weekend getaway.


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