Beaches in Fuengirola adapted for disabled


The Las Gaviotas beach in Fuengirola, Malaga was the first Andalusian municipality which in 2000 specially adapted for disabled bathers. This beach located in Fuengirola-Torreblanca receives daily an average of about 40 people and is equipped with amphibian chairs and crutches, a special crane to facilitate the transfer of persons to special chairs, as well as showers and floor and adapted to persons with disabilities.

People who suffer from a disability can come with confidence because there are available all the necessary conditions to enjoy the beach. All of the seven beaches in Fuengirola have an area reserved for the disabled that has an adapted shower, a wooden walkway to get close to the shore and a small wooden platform with two chairs and umbrella.

The Beach Las Gaviotas has three amphibious chairs that allow users to access water more easily, crutches and even an amphibious crane to help staff and disabled people with greater difficulty in movement or weight to be able to move to the sun beds or amphibian chairs.

Also at this beach are available every day specified persons in charge to serve the users, whose concession is run by the Finnish Association of the Disabled. This service operates between 11am and 8 pm, seven days a week.

The beaches of Fuengirola are equipped with all the services: toilets, showers, sun beds, water sports areas, playgrounds, sports facilities, etc. All are accessible via ramps and have reserved parking for disabled drivers.


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