Cultural activities received 6.800 cruisers last Saturday in Malaga

The streets in the centre were yet again filled with jazz exhibitions, flamenco shows and classical music concerts in a new day of maximum tourist influx

After the success of April the 27th, the Tourist Board once again organised a new program of cultural activities in several streets of the city’s historical centre receiving over 6.800 cruisers and 2.000 crew members that arrived at the city on three cruise ships.

The aim of these organised events is that the visitors find their stroll through our city even more attractive and so that they can discover Malaga as a lively city, with shows specially designed for all the profiles of tourists. Saturday’s program took place between 10:00 and 12:30 in the Plaza de la Constitución, where a flamenco fusion show was carried out by the group Flamenkura; on Cister street, an exhibition of traditional jazz with guitar and piano; and on Caldereria street, the Murillo Quartet offered a concert of classical concert.

As the Culture, Tourism and Sport councillor, already explained at the time, these activities were carried out during the days of most influx of cruisers. With this, the Tourist Board hoped to achieve that the visitors fall in love with the city and consider organising a longer stay in the destination in the near future.

“The tourists don’t want to just settle for discovering the city’s patrimony, they need to live unforgettable experiences in the destination, knowing that the city that they’ll be arriving at is culturally alive and can offer all kinds of activities, which is why we organised this wide range of shows and events, to value the richness of our culture”, pointed out the councillor.

These activities also contributed to the promotion of the city’s culture. In fact, the events (dance shows, music, performances or wine and olive oil tastings) were carried out by local professional groups or students of these disciplines.


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