The sailing ship company Sea Cloud consider establishing Malaga as one of their base ports

4-masted barque Sea Cloud. September 10th, 200...

4-masted barque Sea Cloud. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Malaga’s town hall has shown the vice-president in charge of the development of Sea Cloud products, Petra Quasdorf, the city’s tourist offer, with the aim of Malaga becoming the sea port base for this luxurious sailing ship company. The company, based in Hamburg (Germany), plans to make four stops at Malaga port this year and for next year another six. Furthermore, they are considering the possibility of establishing a base in Malaga city in 2014.

This company currently has a strategic importance for Malaga

, as it’s specialised in a certain tourist sector of high purchasing power. Their clients are mainly Canadian and, to a lesser extent, British and German.

The visit is a result of the meeting between the Tourist Area experts and the ship company’s management, held at the Sea Trade Fair in Hamburg last year, and was finally sealed at the past edition of the ITB (Internationale Tourismus-Börse) in Berlin.


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