The use of the swimming pools in Torremolinos amongst foreign athletes leave 700.000 euros

More than 400 swimmers from 37 teams will be using these facilities this month of April

The municipal pools in Torremolinos, situated in the local sports centre, have become yet another touristic attraction, as many foreign athlete teams make use of them for their training. In fact, the economic impact of the use of these pools during this month of April surpasses the amount of 700.000 euros.

To be exact, this month, these facilities will host more than 400 athletes that come from 37 foreign teams that use these pools for training and preparation for different championships. The National Institute of Statistics (NIS) quantifies this economic repercussion in an average income per person, per day of 86 euros, which means more than 700.000 euros of income.

Countries like France, England, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Holland and Canada are the ones that contribute with the most groups of athletes this month. A lot of the athletes are preparing for their next venue, the London Olympics in the United Kingdom, according to a press note published by the town hall.

This way, although the duration of these concentrations vary in each case, the majority of these groups, normally formed by between 15 and 25 people, stay between seven and 14 days, although many remain for longer, like the case of the Finnish Swim Club ‘Jyvasakyla Sprinters’, that stayed for 29 days. The majority of the foreign athletes choose to stay in 3-star and 4-star hotels.

These swimming teams and other teams of other specialities that also choose the Torremolinos Sports Centre make “an extraordinary contribution to the municipality’s economic development and become valuable ambassadors of Torremolinos’ virtues for other groups of athletes of their respective countries”.

Furthermore, they are destiny prescribers for tourists in general, many of them family members or friends of these athletes, “that discover, through them, the excellences of the municipality as a tourist destination”.

Lastly, amongst other swimmers of international elite, Canada’s whole synchronised swimming team will be visiting Torremolinos and these facilities, as they have scheduled a ten-day stay in the municipality at the end of this month.


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