The biggest sailing ship company in the world chooses Malaga as its base port until 2013

The American sailing ship company, the biggest in the world, launches in Malaga a new way to travel around the high seas sailing under full sail and places Malaga port on the map of luxury cruises. Star Clippers, the one that all the rest of the companies of these type of small passenger ships look up to, those that combine the tradition with the services of a tourist capable of paying a minimum of two thousand euros for a seven-day trip, has chosen Malaga port as its base for its 2012 and 2013 program. Therefore, the announcement of placing a ship in Malaga to schedule five regular departures as from September this year and the same next year, is an extra value for the port of the Costa del Sol’s capital, beyond the volume of passengers that this sailing ship company moves.

The Port of Málaga.

The Port of Málaga. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marie Krafft, the company’s sales manager, advanced yesterday on one of the decks of the Royal Clipper, under the ship’s five masts, that they have programed a one-week cruise with the Star Flyer, that will be leaving Malaga to sail around the coasts of Andalusia and Morocco, as from the 15th of September till the 20th of October. Furthermore, she also advanced that for the 2013 program, that’s still in process, they’ll be contemplating this port once again to schedule many other departures with embarkation and disembarkation in Malaga.

The Star Flyer, with four masts and 16 sails, that will be based in Malaga, can carry 170 passengers that will be able to discover Tangier and Casablanca, flanking the mountains of the Atlas, Cadiz, Gibraltar and Motril. “We trust that the response of the national market proves that there is potential for these type of cruises that combine activities of a smooth adventure, the introduction to sailing and some romantic routes. Our clients, from 25 different nationalities, are people in search of something very different. In a way, it’s as if we have gone back in time 100 years”, said Krafft.


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