Malaga airport dropped to sixth place in Spain last month

The incessant trickle of loss of passengers that Malaga airport has registered since the beginning of the year has caused a drop of positions in the national ranking and now finds itself in sixth place by volume of passengers at the end of this trimester. The figures provided yesterday by Aena show an amount of 1.9 million travellers that have passed through this terminal until March, which means a 6% decrease compared to the same period last year. This figure comes from a new descent of five points that it experienced during last month.

This evolution has caused that ahead of the Malaga – Costa del Sol airport, the order is Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Gran Canaria and South Tenerife, this last one with a 6% increase of traveller activity. However, regarding operations it’s currently in fifth position in Spain, in front of South Tenerife, with 18.447 flights until March. This figure means a fall of 8.7%.


The whole lot of Andalusian airports add up a total amount of 3.434.049 passengers during the first three months of the year, in other words, almost nine points less than in the same period in 2011. Almost 50.000 operations have been registered over this trimester, that also marks a downward trend in the flights of 6.8%.

The situation of Malaga and the Andalusian terminals is in keeping with the evolution registered nationally. The airports of Aena’s network have lost 5.3% of passengers in the first three months of the year, up to 37.6 million, while the downfall has been steeper in the month of March, by 7%, up to 14.2 million travellers.

The network’s main airport, Madrid-Barajas, registered a significant decrease of 8.8% in March’s traffic, until transporting a total of 3.7 million travellers, while the Barcelona-El Prat airport experienced a slight decrease of 0.5%, transporting 2.6 million travellers. During the past month of March, the Spanish airports operated 156.123 flights, 10.4% less, while the first trimester’s downfall is reduced to 8.9%.

The seasonality is still affecting the air sector, that hopes to improve in April with the launching of the high season program.


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