Is denied that in Spain there is a lack of cars or availability problems

Malaga Location Map

Malaga Location Map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are still big companies which preventing the high season increase their fleet of cars before summer so there is no special danger of availability, at least in Malaga. However I always recommend to book in advance, not only your rental car but anything related to your holiday.

My own experience and I live in Malaga is from a few years ago, when I wanted to book an apartment in Benalmadena, and left it for the last minute (I was meeting a friend)…it was really a pain to find availability, but we were lucky. However we had to stay for one night in a Torremolinos hotel before the apartment was free. What if this happens to you with all your holiday planned, a lot of luggage and with children?…well, I will tell you, the begining of your holidays would become a hell.

If you are thinking about coming to Malaga this summer 2012…you should book now and have peace of mind. find below my recommended holiday resources for Malaga province:

And of course….this blog, where I will try to provide with the most useful information and tips for your Malaga holidays.

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