The strike of the 29th of March sets off with nine arrested in Malaga


Vista de Málaga


34 flights cancelled at Malaga airport and delays in public transport throughout Malaga province – A cruise ship has been diverted due to the impossibility of berthing at the port

The eighth general strike in the history of democracy is developing in the province of Malaga with isolated incidents in the industrial estates and in the capital city centre. The informative pickets have been parading along the most strategic points during the whole morning to assure the general work halt like in bus stations, train stations, main access to Malaga’s Technological Park or to Mercamalaga.

At least 9 people have been arrested coinciding with the progress of the general strike, the majority in the capital city, for launching smoke bombs at bars in the old quarter and for setting around twenty garbage containers on fire. Sources of the CCOO (the workers’ committee) have informed that a 65 year-old person has been arrested while participating in a picket in Mercamalaga, Malaga’s wholesale market, and that another incident occurred with another person who was filming the police in the Technological Park, whose camera was consequently confiscated by the officers. One of the suburban trains that connected the Costa del Sol to Malaga has, apparently, also been affected by a barricade, according to the information provided by the police to these users, and a blockage of the exit of buses was attempted.

A spokesman of the CCOO highlighted the fulfilment and accomplishment of the minimum services and assured that until 06:00 the strike was 100% seconded in Malaga.

On the other hand, two cruise ships with almost 4.000 passengers had to be diverted to ports in other countries nearby due to the impossibility of berthing in the ports of Malaga and Cadiz caused by the general strike organised for today to protest against the draconian labour reform. Union sources informed that in Malaga, a cruise ship called ‘Gran Celebration’ was scheduled to berth in Malaga port this Thursday morning carrying 1.896 passengers, but had to be diverted to a port in a nearby country, unspecified. In cadiz, a very similar event occurred with a cruise ship of the same company that was carrying approximately 2.000 passengers.

The sources also stated that “over 100 excursions from Malaga with around 5.000 tourists visiting Malaga and other points of Andalusia like Granada, Seville or Ronda , had to be cancelled” due to the general strike.


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