The new Mercedes SL500 is presented in Malaga

Mercedes SL

Image via Wikipedia

Mercedes Benz has chosen the city of Malaga, namely the Automotive Museum, for the international launch of its new model, the SL500. Thus, some 600 journalists from five continents will visit the city until next March 22 in order to test the lightest model from the German company.

The climate and the facilities of the Automotive Museum Malaga were good reasons for Mercedes Benz to choose the province to publicize their new creation, a car with 435 hp V8 engine that lets you go from zero to sixty in 4.6 seconds. Although it may be established only on a race track, its maximum speed reaches 250 kilometres per hour.

But most highlighted by the creators of the new Mercedes is its lightness, since it is made entirely of aluminium, thus it weights 140 kilo less than its predecessor. A new feature is also a Bluedirect engine, which allows driving 29% cheaper than other models in the range.

A specially created sound proofing system to go with the convertible and directional spouts inserted into the windshield to reach the entire surface of the glass, are some delicacies of this luxury car, which goes on sale priced from 117,000 Euros.

After the technical talk, journalists have the possibility to measure in person the benefits of the new car, driving it to Marbella, always accompanied by a technician to address concerns that arise along the way.


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