Promotion of Malaga, Antequera and Ronda in Fitur



Every year, Fitur becomes the tourism’s main accomplice, and has arrived this year packed with good news for Ronda. The most important are the announcement of the upcoming fair ‘Ecovivir’, that hopes to gather thousands of visitors in the town, the launching of different local products and the presentation of the provincial programme ‘MAR de culturas’ (Sea of cultures), that aims to promote the cultural tourism with Malaga, Antequera and Ronda as the main axles.

Ronda’s delegation returns with a basket full of fish in these moments of crisis, with a very important limitation of the resources, that demands an increase of imagination and to make the most of the political administrations.

In addition to this, a wide agenda of meetings with international tour-operators aim to position Ronda as a product in the so-called emerging issuers, such as Brazil or China.

Everything indicates that we appear to be in front of a job well done, although we will have to wait for the results to come through to definitely grade it.

This fact reflects that this sector has to be a priority for the town hall of Ronda, that has to provide the necessary resources, in a moderate and cautious manner, so that the sector remerges and is able to pull the city and its employment through the delicate economic situation.

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