Malaga: More than a century of history on four wheels

In 1885 Carl F. Benz built a tricycle with an internal combustion engine and from then begins the long history of motor vehicles. The cars in the beginning were an elite machine, accessible only to the wealthy classes. In Spain became the first vehicle registered in October 1900.

Malaga was not blind to these revolutionary changes and in August 1907 took place the registration of the first automobile in the province. The history of the car in Malaga is guarded from this year by the Provincial Historic Archive.

MA-5 is the first conserved registration in Malaga. Its owner, businessman Francisco Alvarez drove a Rocher Schneider model of 16 PS and four cylinders. Due to its high cost and difficulties in the acquisition, the first owners are the most wealthy and businessmen in the province, as Felix Saenz or Larios.

Another conclusion of these documents the increase of registrations in the 60’s and 70’s, a clear reflection of the increasing economic wealth in the province. There was a large proliferation of imported vehicles due to the presence of foreign residents on the Costa del Sol and the proximity of Gibraltar.


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