The CCOO alerts that 6.000 people will be unemployed due to hotel closures in Malaga

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The CCOO alerts that 6.000 people will be unemployed due to hotel closures in Malaga

“We will not accept, under any circumstances, the conversion of permanently open hotels into seasonal establishments”, warns the Union.

The touristic seasonality will provoke the loss of around 6.000 jobs in the province of Malaga this winter due to the closure of hotels, that will also affect other establishments like bars and ‘chiringuitos’ (Beach Bars). This was warned this morning by the CCOO (The Spanish Worker’s Commissions) in a press conference in which they alerted of the proliferation of temporary suspension files on the Costa del Sol, that causes that in certain areas, up to 90% of the hotels will close. In the same way, this labour union has called the management for measures to prevent the conversion of permanently open hotels into seasonal establishments, and this way convert the workers’ contracts from permanent to discontinuous, “cheaper for the entrepreneur employer”, according to the Trade, Hotel and Tourism Union’s general secretary in Malaga, Lola Villalba.

Based on the figures published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the CCOO Trade, Hotel and Tourism Federation’s general secretary in Andalusia, Gonzalo Fuentes, has denounced that, in spite of the main indicators on occupation resulting favourable over the first nine months of the year, hotel employment has only raised by 3%, “much less than the overnight stays, that increase by 10,12%”. “The first thing we have considered is that there is an increase in the submerged economy and in the amount of work. The entrepreneurs take advantage of the employees and this has negative repercussions on the service offered to the customer”. In his opinion, although the figures regarding Malaga “aren’t as outrageous” as the rest of Andalusia, they do highlight that “the workers are paying for this crisis”.

Malaga, the most affected

Regarding the closure of hotels this winter, Fuentes has affirmed that Malaga is the province most affected by this phenomenon that is turning the Costa del Sol into “a winter desert”. Fuentes pointed out that “In lack of the definite figures, we fear that this year there will be more hotels and apartments closed” and specified that it is predicted that 40% of the hotel spaces will stop being operative, double of how it was two years ago. He said that, throughout the province, around thirty dismissal files that have affected 1.900 workers, have been presented, even though “historically, when this tourist destination was configured, it was designed to be a permanently open destination thanks to the climate and diversity”. Villalba warned that “What we will not accept, under any circumstances, is a conversion into seasonal hotels” and clarified that in this case the entrepreneurs offer the employees a contract novation and changing them to discontinuous, this way they don’t have to pay social security for them during the months that they are not working. To avoid the disastrous effects of these closures, “that leave a lot of people unemployed”, the Union has demanded the politicians and entrepreneurs to come up with alternative measures.


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