Nine films will be competing in the 2nd Costa del Sol Gay Film Festival

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Nine homosexual theme films go head to head this year to win the Golden Carnation and the Silver Carnation for the “Best Film” of this theme in the second edition of the Costa del Sol Gay Film Festival that will take place in Torremolinos from the 14th to the 16th of October.

In the second year of this event, some of the films that will be showing will be the Argentinian “Ausente” (absent), two from the Basque Country “80 Egunean” and “Ander”, the Peruvian “Contracorriente” (countercurrent), the North American “Los chicos están bien” (The kids are alright), “Madre Amadísima” (Very Loved Mother), produced in Andalusia, the German “Sasha”, and two more Spanish “Habitación en Roma” (Bedroom in Rome) and “Gayxample. The Movie.”

The director of TV series like “Los Protegidos” (The Protégés) or “Física o Química” (Physics or Chemistry), Javier Quintas, will be the president of the judges, who will be made up of the following members: Antonio Hens, the director of the TV series “Arrayán”, the actor Javier Calvo, the actor’s agent Mayte Ortega and the journalist specialised in cinema, Manuel Bellido.

According to a press release from the organization, over the three days of the event, the audience will be able to observe, in depth, the way of thinking and lifestyle of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transexual community, and discover what they have to face and go through every day.

The festival will be attended by the directors and actors of the competing films, like the Argentinian Marco Berger, the winner of the Teddy for the “Best LGTB Film” in the Berlinale 2011; and the Italian director of “Gayxample. The Movie.”, Giuseppe Storelli.

The Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja and the actor Liberto Rabal will be the honoray godparents of the contest, that will take place in the Sala Ronda of the Torremolinos Conference and Exhibition Centre, within the Expogays fair.


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