Review of Malaga and Costa del Sol in September

Cabopino beach, Costa del Sol, Spain 2005 10.jpg

Cabopino beach, Costa del Sol, Spain 2005 10.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just to be clear right from the start: This article is written by a habitual resident of the Costa del Sol and therefore completely biased!

This morning I left my house in Fuengirola and with the first rays of the day became patent a long expected reality: September 1!

The avalanche of tourists in high season has withdrawn to their jobs in large cities, and with them they have taken their cars, noise and multiple stresses.

I am not trying to be very objective in this article. Rather, I wonder: If the Costa del Sol enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, why everyone has to come in August and convert all the coastal municipalities in swarms of human bodies in the streets, sea promenades and of course beaches!

I find it very startling, when I’m dodging with my bike a long line of cars looking for parking space under a boiling midday sun, to afterwards find a place for the towel on a crowded beach, queue at the supermarket and stand the noise of neighbors holding a barbecue on the balcony late at night, thinking that everyone else is also on vacation and along the Costa del Sol nobody works in August… I wonder…

It may be a matter of families with school age children, mandatory holidays for large companies, the sweltering heat of the interior of the peninsula, marketing, custom, or a mixture of all this. But as result the typical friendly pace of life in these parts is completely altered during the months of July and August; the entire Costa del Sol bows to the always welcome tourist, as it has specialized in this monoculture of tourism and construction.

My point and repeating an important fact, already mentioned before: The Costa del Sol enjoys a mild climate throughout the year. September 1 and all of a sudden the beaches are empty; while enjoying relaxed afternoons the thermometer is still hovering around 28 degrees. In fact, for me, June and September are the best months to fully enjoy everything offered by the Costa del Sol, but without massive crowds of visitors.

Much the same can be said of May and October. In May, some rainy days can mix with real summer days; the countryside looks lush green, the streets are flooded with the scent of orange blossom and the weather is ideal for enjoying country walks and excursions as well as enjoyable afternoons at the seaside.

In October, we still can enjoy warm temperatures that allow even bathing in the sea; the golden evenings invite to strolls along the seashore now gradually passed into the hands of the walkers who enjoy watching the sunset colors playing in the sky on nearly empty beaches. Doesn´t this sound tempting?


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