Describe the longest road trip you’ve ever taken

Despeñaperros - Vista desde el mirador

Despeñaperros image

Mine was from the south of Spain to the north. A very long 7 hours trip and another 7 hours trip back the same day…lucky of me I was not driving 🙂

I enjoyed “Despeñaperros” and some other mountain roads I don´t know the name…once back at home I searched for some information about the history of Despeñaperros, a place of bandits long time ago.

What about your longest trip by car? Still have not done a large one yet?

If you come to Malaga, I recommend getting from the south to the north or trough the many mountain roads in Andalucia if you like driving while watching beautiful landscapes. For hiring a car, check for car hire Malaga at a company you can trust like the link I recommend.

Driving from Malaga within Andalucia is a great experience, as I said before…after my trip I used Google Maps for checking the maps of the road routes we took and checked websites about the history of some places…a trip I will remember for sure.


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