Heading for the beaches in Malaga, Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

Image by Andrew Griffith via Flickr

It’s summer! Not only because the calendar says so but we can smell, feel it and breathe it in the air. And the sun and the sea invite you to enjoy long days on the beach.

Yes, it´s summer even though the thermometer says otherwise in most Central European countries with average temperatures of 20 degrees. Understandably, these temperatures do not raise much desire to go for a walk in a short-sleeved shirt at night… as they are more reminiscent of warm spring temperatures than a decent summer…

However, it is summer. And in places like Malaga and the Costa del Sol, we still have many weeks of summer ahead!

At this time, which for many mean thinking about getting back to school and work and the imminent arrival of fall, the beaches of Malaga are filled to overflowing with bathers of all nationalities.

Visitor´s trend at Malaga beaches

  1. The first begins in the early morning hours with people jogging along the sea promenade and others taking their dog for a walk. The morning is still enjoyable and fresh. The gentle morning sea breeze and silence are the delights of these hours for early risers to enjoy the empty beaches and fantastic sunsets.
  2. The second movement of the day is clearly visible, around 11o´clock, with the first great wave of arrival of bathers on the beach which usually occupy the beachfront to take full advantage of the day by the sea.
  3. The second wave arrives on one, ready to go for dip in the sea and refreshments at the closest beach bar.
  4. The third wave of bathers arrives in the afternoon after lunch and siesta. It is always great to watch the sunset lying on a towel on the beach.
  5. The fourth and last is the nearest to sunset; people who are not so keen on the sun, who want to swim or do some sport.
  6. The fifth are the few people who like walking or swiming during the night.

And you, when do you usually enjoy the beach?


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