Malaga in August

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The month of August makes of Malaga a hot and populated city. Most of the tourists choose August as their prefered month when coming to the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a featured destination worldwide the whole year, but even more during this month.

What can we expect from Malaga in August? Well, if you like beach, sun and nightlife, August should be your month for coming to Malaga, on the other side, if you don´t like the sunny daily weather and populated places, then you better wait until September for coming to Malaga.

All of you who are coming this month to Malaga, should have already done all the reservation for getting the best deals on accommodation and cheap car hire…and if you are planning to come during September, now its the time for booking online, do not leave it for the last minute. (do not say I didnt remember it to you, I say this a lot, but it´s true)

I remember two summers ago, I met someone online, it was April  as I remember when we talked about taking the holidays together. She was living in Alicante and decided coming to Malaga. We forgot to make the apartment reservation, and belive it…it was really hard to find it by the end of July, prices were also too high.

Another own experience for you who are coming this month. Im getting to Avila the next Sunday by car and coming back the same day. Avila is a very beautiful city ( I have never seen it before) with ancient medieval castles and amazing landscapes, I will be passing by Toledo and some other interesting places…all in the same day. Hiring a car in Malaga is a  must, really…you can get to many places inside and outside Andalucia in the same day. If coming to Malaga, why not getting the most from your visit to the Costa del Sol?


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