Tourists place Malaga at the head of the cities with more cultural and urban appeal

Calle Larios, Málaga, Spain

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Tourists place Malaga at the head of the cities with more cultural and urban appeal

Malaga is positioned for the first time as a leader in the group of Spanish cities that are part of the urban cultural tourism segment with increased numbers in both travelers and stays.

Malaga becomes an interesting destination for cultural tourism. The figures leave no doubt. During the month of May, a total of 88,541 people stayed in hotels in the capital of the Costa del Sol, which is an increase of 13 % over the same month last year.

The motivation of the tourists visiting the city is very diverse, but fundamentally for leisure. However, it should be noted the growing demand that exists for the city as a destination for Spanish students. Malaga is a modern Andalusian city, offering historic and artistic heritage, along with culture and wide and varied range of leisure.

There are many reasons that many travelers from all corners of the world spend their holiday in Malaga, a city that each year provides more and better attractions for visitors. The significant relation of Picasso to this city has contributed greatly to making Malaga a leading cultural destination.

The Picasso Foundation, his birth house and the Picasso Museum are the three jewels of the itinerary of the Picasso Route, all of them situated within the old town. Close by are also situated the monumental castle Gibralfaro, the Alcazaba, the Roman theatre and the Cathedral.

Thus, with an important offer of leisure and cultural activities, Malaga, the chosen city for “sun and beach” tourism is converting into an ideal destination to combine leisure and culture at its best. Furthermore, the excellent communications with Malaga make it the perfect place to enjoy a “city break”, a type of tourism that is increasingly gaining followers. Malaga is one of those destinations that allow, thanks to the excellent communications and leisure, entertainment and culture, to make the most of a weekend.

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