Free WIFI, stay connected from the beaches of the Costa del Sol

free wi fi

Image by suttonhoo via Flickr

Over 40% of the beach bars on the Costa del Sol offer free WiFi this summer:

Being connected to the Internet even at the beach this summer is going to be something normal. Due to the popularity of laptops, mini computers and telephones with Internet access nowadays it is becoming a reality the possibility of being connected anywhere and at any time throughout the day. This possibility this summer extends to the Costa del Sol beaches which offer free WiFi.

This summer the beach bars of the Costa del Sol will have a major appeal (besides the cold beer!) with free WIFI connection. Instead of having to find an internet connection in the hotel or going to any net cafe, now you only need to pick up the beach bag and your gadget with application for internet and land on the beaches of Malaga.

Imagine, while you take a refreshing beer in the shade, you instantly send your friends the feeling of wellbeing, a few meters from the shore of the Mediterranean; or you answer some emails while waiting for your serving of fried fish … life is not so bad, right? Also, as another new feature this year is that the beaches of Fuengirola offer play centres and professional massage.


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