“Spanish Revolution” continues and extends by the world

SpanishRevolution - AcampadaSol

Image by .:fotomaf:. via Flickr

A more sensitized  population in Spain is from May 15 protesting against the political class, corruption and the way of governing of the Spanish parties. Pacific revolts, Facebook (with more than 150.000 fans at the time this article is being written) and Twitter with #spanishrevolution and #democraciarealya are their weapons, and it is being extended to Europe and America.

Following the successful revolt of Iceland, the Spaniards are spreading worldwide their feeling to change the actual political and economic system. The politicians in turn, ignore them, as among other requests the people is asking for a more fair electoral system, balanced salaries for politicians and greater control over the politic class.

Spain has always been characterized in general by low quality politics, they are not interested in a change and continue ignoring the requests made from the Sol square.

Actors, musicians, films directors and many known spanish people agree with the movement. Everyone knew the world was not perfect and needed a change, so here you are your chance to contribute.

Useful Links about the Spanishrevolution:

Latest news about the Spanish Revolution

The camping from the Sol Square in Madrid has been dissolved, but not the movement. Some people still at the Sol square for informing those who ask for it about the protests.

With protests in Spain replicated across the globe, politicians do nothing but hide, as if the problem was not with them. They are accustomed to hardcore fans, not to people who think by themselves, political class may be better start changing the chip…sheeps followers are in danger of extinction.


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