Malaga culture

Birth-house of Pablo Picasso at Plaza de la Me...

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Malaga has among its attractions a great cultural activity, especially in regard to theatre and music along with the construction of several buildings dedicated to recreation and culture as well as the organization of events like the Book Fair or the creation of important places such as the University of Malaga.

So from these milestones began to develop more rapidly the cultural landscape of the city based on the many excellent museums in Malaga and a variety of events organized by various local municipalities.

Among these events are the recovery of emblematic sites such as the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga, the Cinema Festival, the Picasso Foundation and a lot of measures that drove the development of culture in Malaga.

This has, besides its beautiful natural environment, has contributed that Malaga is becoming an increasingly chosen city to visit both domestic and foreign tourists.

According to statistics, a large number of tourists choose Malaga for holidays for the combination of natural life and cultural amenities offered throughout the region.

A day in the capital of the Costa del Sol can start early touring the museums and the narrow cobbled streets of the historic district; then continue along the beach sunbathing while sipping a regional delicacy; and finish the day enjoying a play or the Philharmonic Orchestra performing some of the major events organized throughout the season.

This is one of the reasons why Malaga is usually one of the most preferred destinations by tourists and one of the few which, just having left the city we already make plans to return someday.


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