Spain moves to stop internet piracy in the wrong way with Ley Sinde

Rally in Stockholm, Sweden, in support of file...

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Film and music are no longer great business in Spain…that is at least what the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry said.

Top 50 sales by Spanish artists fell 65 percent between 2004 and 2009, while Spain´s film industry warns that it is on the verge of extinction thanks to P2P file-sharing. They are refusing to adapt to the current lifestyle, but instead they want to continue against the Spanish people trends who don´t even like the Spanish films and who want an online business model like Netflix, with a cheap and affordable monthly quote of 8USD for stream on demand.

Ley Sinde want to stop the Internet evolution in Spain, avoiding to adopt an internet business model which will satisfy the people, instead they want to satisfy only the industry needs. On the other side online business like Netflix doubt about getting into Spain due the high author charges they would have to pay, one of the highest in Europe.

Is the fault from politicians in Spain or from the people who vote for them?


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