Malaga gets increasingly popular for cultural tourism and city breaks

Cathedral of Málaga.

Image via Wikipedia

According to recent data from last year, Malaga is becoming increasingly trendy. The capital of the Costa del Sol, which for decades was basically associated with sun and beach holidays, has become in 2010 the second destination in Spain after Barcelona for cultural tourism and city breaks. Every year more and more tourists are looking for Andalucia holiday villas when coming to the south of Spain.

Not only has been taking place in recent year a rehabilitation of the charming old town with a large number of historic buildings where now are located the city’s many museums; there are currently being developed two new projects: “Live Spanish in Malaga” regarding language tourism, and ‘Feel Malaga ‘, about cultural tourism, which join the existing segments of cruises, conferences and meetings.

Regarding numbers, during 2010 stayed 853,481 tourists overnight in the city, representing an increase of 14.35 % over the previous year. Meanwhile a little more than 50% of all travelers were from the domestic market, the UK remains the largest foreign market, followed by Germany and France, followed by the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, United States and Italy.


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