The Picasso Museum Malaga received in 2010 over 345,000 visits

Maison Natale de Picasso

Home where Picasso was born in Malaga

The Picasso Museum Malaga recorded in 2010 a total of 345,742 visits and more than 6,600 participants in its program of cultural activities. The number of visits reflects an increase of around 6 per cent over the previous year.

Soon the museum will present his artistic program for 2011, which will continue the series of exhibitions and activities that make MPM a living space for art and culture in Malaga.

The intense activity of the Picasso Museum in 2010 aroused the interest of more than 345,000 citizens and visitors who came to the Palacio de Buenavista to see the work of Pablo Picasso, shown this year in different displays. Also, the exhibitions opened in 2010 received a great reception by the public.

According to surveys conducted by the Museum, about 65 percent of visits were from people not resident in Spain. Among these, the main countries of origin were the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands and the United States.

When asked about the main reason for their visit to Malaga, 45.2 percent referred to the cultural attractions of the area in general, while 17.8 said to enjoy the good weather and the beaches of Andalusia. About 60 percent had planned to visit the Picasso Museum before traveling to the city.

Apart from the number of visits to the Picasso Collection and temporary exhibitions, the cultural programs and activities developed during 2010 recorded more than 6,600 participants attending the lectures, concerts, poetry readings, theater workshops for families and seminaries which were held within the grounds of the Museum.

In musical terms, the Malaga Picasso Museum collaborated with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra to perform at the Auditorium the IV MPM Chamber Concert Series, which began last September and runs until May 2011.

Also linked to music, received a great welcome the continued cycle Flamenco in Picasso and Jazz in Picasso, which aroused great expectation among the fans of this genre.

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