Malaga airport operates nearly 60% of flights in Andalusia during Christmas

Control Tower at Malaga Airport, built in 2002

Image via Wikipedia

From today until January 9th will be more than half a million seats available on scheduled operations at Malaga airport.

Andalusian airports have scheduled a total of 6537 flights from Thursday until January 9th, during the Christmas holidays, with 974,742 seats available for passengers, as has been indicated from Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA).

Most of the movement (with 56% availability) will occur in the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, Malaga, with 3,550 scheduled movements and 547,325 seats available. After this terminal, Seville airport San Pablo has 1,899 flights for this holiday season with 290,358 seats.

Federico García Lorca Airport in Granada has scheduled 408 flights with 58,387 seats, while Almeria airport has 408 flights and 35,752 seats available for passengers. Finally, Jerez airport (Cádiz) has 248 movements during Christmas, with 42,920 seats.


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