Trekking in Malaga and places to visit

The Path of the King will regain its original appearance after the rehabilitation works.

This beautiful trekking area in Malaga located next to El Chorro between Alora and Ardales is actually badly damaged. Several hikers died trying to cross it which helped to create a black legend after it.

The Path of the King will be available soon for everyone. Those are good news for nature and outdoor holiday lovers.

For those who are thinking about how to get there, there are some possibilities:

  • Check online for car hire Malaga airport offers: Hiring a car at Malaga airport would benefit your budget and will give you the needed mobility.
  • Malaga train station: Taking a train from the Malaga train station is another comfortable option. The train you must take is the train to Seville.

Even if you are not getting to “El Chorro” where the Path of the King is, if you take the train to Seville you will enjoy some beautiful views, do not forget your camera!

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