Welcome to Malaga

Malaga in winterIf you are reading this blog, then you are looking for some useful information about Malaga because you are planning in coming to the Costa del Sol, maybe next week or maybe the next summer, that does not matter and I will try to expose the best travel tips when coming in winter, summer, autumn or any season. In Malaga you can enjoy the experience anytime, there are many things to do and places to visit. you will not regret even coming in winter, and I will prove it showing things to do in the Costa del Sol.

On the right picture we can see the most famous street in Malaga city while in Christmas. Cold is not an excuse to stay at home, and even less if we take in consideration there is no cold enough in Malaga,  not like in UK.

Come to Malaga and experience the city by yourself, or come back soon to check my new posts!


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